All you can eat video on demand

We can already pay a flat fee for all you can eat music on demand – why wouldn’t this work for video?  I’m not talking about a NetFlix-like physical medium program – but a digital content program, where say, through Time Warner I pay X dollars per month  And I get unlimited viewing of whatever films they carry in their library.  They work out a sharing plan with the studios.  And the entire library is included, including newly released videos (ok, maybe not at the same time the video is in theaters, but shortly after?)

Forgetting the fact the vidio industry won’t like it, just like the music industry supposedly doesn’t like the iTunes Music Store – they make a ton of money of of iTunes – with extremely low related production, distribution, or marketing costs.  It’s a good deal for the music industry now, even if they would like to rape make more.  Why wouldn’t the same be true in the video market?

DVDs have to cost a lot more to produce than CDs – everything from the blank CD, to the DVD box costs more.  And the artwork is larger, the paper is larger, etc.  It has to cost studios a ton of money to ship that physical media.

I’m sure a ton of smart people are already thinking about this – and that there are no serious technical hurdles I can think of.

What would I be willing to spend on an unlimited supply of current and classic films?  I’m not sure – but if it meant I didn’t have to go buy a new VCR/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray DVD whatever player ever couple of years (and figure out to hook them up) – then it gets a little more interesting.  Not to mention the fact I wouldn’t have to watch that blinking 12:00 for 6 years … but I digress.

I imagine smoke-filled rooms with people arguing over dimes and nickels (they do add up to real money) while I am standing in line in Blockbuster behind the lady with visiting grandchildren holding 7 movies and realizing she needs to open an account before she can rent movies to entertain the ankle-biters.

And I wish there was a better solution.