"all your censorship belong to us"

I’ve had a big censorship day, so I started thinking – outside of the Government (and then only in very disciplined areas) can anyone in this country truly be censored anymore?  The Presidential inner circle has leaked for 7 or 8 administrations.  Big businesses get busted all the time by employees who see wrong-doing, and report it.  Judicial gag orders are mostly ignored.  Enron was exposed because they couldn’t censor their employees.  Censorship is dead, and the Internet killed it.

Can you hide anything anymore? 

Anyway, I thought of the title of this post, “all your censorship belong to us” and Google’d it.  No hits.  So for now, I am “claiming it”. 

But it is an interesting idea – any encryption Hollywood has come up with is broken.  Software protection in really non-existent – all of it is broken.

So if you can’t be censored then – note to Government: “All your censorship belong to us”.