Am I Finished with Blogging?

No, not at all.

I am, as they say, in a transition period.  Moving somewhere between cultivating my online self and finding a way to feed my real-life self.

I’ve been on a lot of Podcasts, Video blogs, etc lately.  But I haven’t blogged nearly at my "normal" rate.  In 2007 I averaged over a post a day.  In 2008 I am averaging 2.6 posts per week.

So I am blogging less – but that has more to do with my current workload than anything else.  Certainly it has nothing to do with the people claiming that "blogs are dead".  Blogs are the best way for individuals to tell stories.  Blogs are not going away.

Not mine, anyway.  It may appear to suffer from neglect, but it isn’t.  It, and me, are just getting a break.  I’ll still be posting, but probably not a lot, or not long posts anyway, until July.

Lucky you!