Amazon lied to me

At the very least they misrepresented their shipping policy to me (again).

I’ll have a very long rant about this whole thing this weekend – but basically, I paid next day shipping for a Wii, and a bunch of games and accessories.  All I’ll get tomorrow is the games and accessories.  It would take at least another week to get the console.

I’ll refuse the shipment tomorrow – even though the Amazon rep told me that “You can’t refuse the delivery”  Bullshit!  I can and I will.  If I don’t take possession of the property, then I never received it.  And can’t be billed for it.  I’ve already filed a dispute about this with my bank card company.  I’ll win.

I also canceled two other orders – for books for my daughter.  I’m done with Amazon.  Hello again, Barnes and Noble!

I would write the entire post now – but I don’t think the story is over yet – Amazon has some poor third party company on the string to deliver me a Wii that I no longer want (from Amazon).  Amazon says there is no way to cancel that order (uhh – if it won’t ship for 5-7 days, why the hell can’t it be canceled?)  And the Amazon rep threatened dire consequences if I refused the order – telling me again that I could NOT refuse the package.  Right.

The lady on the phone never got upset, even though I was.  She had heard this all before, I am sure.  It’s the typical bait and switch shipping rip-offs that I have experienced with Amazon before.  When I asked he if she had heard similar complaints she was very, very quiet.  But she DID tell me that if I would have “scrolled down” (and read the small print…) – I didn’t let her finish.

I know – “what the large print giveth, the small print taketh away”.  But not from me.  Not today.  And never again by Amazon.

Simple enough – I ordered a Wii, and some other crap.  Amazon told me that for about $30 dollars I could have it in two days.  I agreed.  They lied.


  1. OK – the third party dropped out awfully quickly!

    “Since we listed this order under, we will do exactly what instructs us to do. You can direct all of your questions and
    concerns to”

    OK, so it’s me and Amazon. Let’s rumble! 🙂

  2. This gets more and more funny. The “third party” says they don’t offer expedited shipping – yet I PAID for expedited shipping in my transaction with

    WTF? I am paying for something that Amazon is collecting money for, yet Amazon knows it can’t deliver what it charged me for?


    I sure think so.

  3. This is getting to be pretty interesting – I sent an email directly to Amazon’s “partner” to tell them not to shipt the Wii. Guess what? They claim it shipped. 7 days ahead of what they said just this morning? I don’t believe it.

    Why would they say it shipped? OH! They explained that in the email they sent me – they claim they can keep 10% of the order plus ACTUAL (inflated) shipping costs.

    This is going to be very, very fun. If they want to play, I’ll play. If they (Amazon, the ONLY company I entered a transaction with) tried to charge me ONE PENNY for their deceipt, I will fight them – here on this blog, on new blogs I will start, in court, and face to face if they want. They won’t rip me off when I did nothing except buy from them for 6 years and expect them to honor their commitments.

    And the argument that I should have know I couldn’t get a Wii in two days is freaking funny. If anyone could get me one in two days, would it make sense that Amazon could? I think most rational people would think so.

    I wonder what the next slew of emails will look like? As it is going, they could be sending me a summons before I even refuse anything. Amazing how agressive they are when it comes to a situation like this.

    Scary, actually.