Americans send mixed signals on science – Science –

I am glad (and somewhat surprised) that people in the US know more about basic science than they did 20 years ago (of course, we had the bar set pretty low back then).  But I am also surprised that “researchers say it is tempered” with more people believing (or willing to be open to) alternatives to convention – like astrology (don’t believe in it myself, but I do get a chuckle out of reading it) and extraterrestrial visits (which I have no direct knowledge of, but somehow always hope is really happening).

My point is that I would MUCH rather people knew basic science and were “dabbling” in astrology and extraterrestrialism that if they had no knowledge of basic science at all.  At least a basic knowledge of science will give them a foundation to question things – to re-assess assumptions.

Of course, I DO understand why people question evolution – just as I understand why people question creationism – neither one is very easy to believe.  Either way so many things would have had to happen just right that it seems both are improbable.  That’s OK.  Traveling to the moon and having a telephone that you wear on a belt both seemed pretty improbable to my great grandparents.

I’m more interested in why people feel they *must* have an explanation for what we just don’t know enough about to explain? 

Yes – I believe mankind started as some little mix of cells in a pool of water – and that everything that needed to line up to ensure the planet, and the creatures on it survived has lined up – amazingly.  Maybe even miraculously.  I also believe that if that could happen here, it could happen on other planets – at least one.  Somewhere in this huge “here” we live in.  Do I believe in “ET”?  Unfair question – but if you ask, “Do I believe life exists off of the planet Earth and that it either has intelligence, or might one day become intelligent?”  Well – yeah!  Seems to me life would be pretty boring if you didn’t believe something more existed than just us.

Some think that something is “ET”.  Some think it is God.  Some think it is a better understanding of Science, and History, and how it relate to both the world we “live in” today, and other “dimensions” that we don’t really understand yet.

I can say with almost absolute certainty that there ARE things we don’t understand yet.  And I’m ok with that.  Life would seem awfully long if there wasn’t any more to learn.


People in the U.S. know more about basic science today than they did two decades ago, good news that researchers say is tempered by an unsettling growth in the belief in pseudoscience such as astrology and visits by extraterrestrial aliens.

Source: Americans send mixed signals on science – Science –