An apology (because I screwed up)

Without going into too much detail, I offer an apology to someone that had their content "ripped" by one of my editors/developers on another site I have an interest in.  No real reason to tell the who and why of the deal.  Bottom line is, we screwed up.  We were playing with a test blog that was just the test target of an online publishing engine.  But one of my editors/developers, in playing with the tool, stole some content from another site.  And published it on a live blog. Without attribution.  And stole is an exactingly descriptive phrase for what he did.

We had no idea anyone had a clue we had this site online – but search engines are tenacious.  You are never invisible on the web.

To the author of the original content, I am sorry.  We took something that was yours and used it without acknowledging your creation.  That was wrong.  The fact that we were "just testing something" or that we thought "nobody would see it" is no excuse.

We *I* screwed up.  It won’t happen again.  Not with your content, or anyone else’s.

I am very much concerned with content ownership and attribution.  This isn’t something I condone or would approve of. 

But we are all human, and we made a mistake.  The best we can do now is acknowledge it, and promise to improve.


  1. Just to be perfectly clear – this was NOT a client project. This was something I am working on my own.  No client was embarrassed by this incident (thankfully!).

    But I was. 

    Just shows that you can’t put less than 100% into something without it coming back to bite you in the ass.