An Interesting Lunch – (I Bet This Doesn’t Happen to a Lot of People)

I went with a peer to lunch today along the San Antonio River Walk.  I showed him an “unknown” deck on the river that we could sit at, eat our lunches, and talk.  Nobody knew about this deck 🙂   Except the guy that showed me, and the guys that showed him (of course!)

As we were finishing our food the founders of the company I now work for walk down the stairs.

Not so secluded, I guess!

Anyway, as they joined us one of them asked me to tell him the story about a gunfight I had on a motorcycle.

I didn’t pause to think before I replied, “Which one”?

Probably not something you want to be known for –  having more than one “gunfight” on a motorcycle 🙂

I can already tell that this story won’t leave me alone.  Two people have mentioned it since lunch.  Neither of them were AT lunch.

Be very careful what you blog about 🙂


  1. @gregorylent – 😀 Hah! That is funny!

    @sethdesantis – By gunfight I meant motorcycles and gunshots, yes. NEITHER took place in Texas though! The first was in Florida, in 1981. I haven’t blogged that story, I don’t think. The story in my blog is in this series:

  2. Not being a motorcycle rider, I’m not sure what you mean when you state you were in a “gunfight”…but I can’t help picture the scenario of people down in Texas replacing horses with motorcycles and going around shooting at each other 🙂
    I tried searching your blog for the related story but couldn’t find it.

    On a side note, I’ve walked the River Walk once and although I’m sure I didn’t find the unknown deck, it was still amazing.
    Great city, great blog, great Tweets!

  3. gregorylent says:

    bet you get a raise within two months, and more leadership responsibilities