An interesting way to find a bug!

I started using FeedGhost again today.  If you haven’t tried it, you should.  It is a very well written “for Windows” Feed Reader and it has a lot of great features – I may post more on it again later – but that’s not really what this post is about!

I always browse with four tabs open – Google Reader, Gmail, my Blog, and whatever page I am actively browsing.

Since you can open tabs in FeedGhost, I decided I would run it the same way – I clicked the “browse” button on the toolbar, and entered went to my Gmail page.  I clicked on browse again, to open a new tab, and entered by blog URL.  But this time a debugger window opened.

I have Microsoft Script Editor installed, so I let it open.  It showed me the following:

The document name you requested (<code>/wp-content/plugins/wp-ajax-edit-comments/js-includes/wp-ajax-edit-comments.js.php</code>) could not be found on this server.
However, we found documents with names similar to the one you requested.<p>Available documents:
<li><a href=”/wp-content/plugins/wp-ajax-edit-comments/js-includes/wp-ajax-edit-comments.js%3fver=1.0″>/wp-content/plugins/wp-ajax-edit-comments/js-includes/wp-ajax-edit-comments.js?ver=1.0</a> (common basename)
Please consider informing the owner of the <a href=””>referring page</a> about the broken link.


Cool – and easy to fix!  I never had an instance before of installing one application (that WASN’T a debugger!) to find a defect in another!

I wonder if this is what was causing the Script errors MissM commented on a couple days ago?

In any case, cool!


  1. It is cool! I had a similar experience when I was downloading the Engadget XML file, and I put in the wrong URL. It suggested me the correct one. You gotta find who’s doin this 😀