An odd assortment of misc. stuff today

Kami took an email from me and turned it into a blog post today, which is what I was hoping she would do.  Widgets are important.  The quicker you realize that, the more you can benefit from it. 

“All my web is widgets” might not be a crazy thing to expect (after all, a widget is basically a piece of my web in a place of my choosing).

I pause now, and re-read that line because I like it –  “a piece of my web in a place of my choosing”.   That sounds like a fairly decent definition of a widget to me.


Anyway, later in the day I was having fun chatting with Maryam Scoble, and I asked an innocent question, “Has anyone ever told you that if Robert grew his hair out he would look like Mikey Teutle from American Choppers“?

She turned that into a post.  As if Robert didn’t already have reason to dislike me (I’m not a Robert basher by any means, but I’ve never been shy about not agreeing with him either!).  (BTW – I just checked Robert’s blog and he has about 11 posts that haven’t shown up in my Google Reader – some of those posts are from two days ago.  Can anyone confirm if this is a Reader problem, or a problem with Robert’s feed?)


I haven’t met Kami, or the Scoble’s.  I expect to meet Kami soon, since she’s right here in San Antonio.  The Scoble’s?  Probably not too soon.  With a baby on the way their traveling will be slowing, and my travel has been slowing ever since I got out of the Navy in 1983.  I saw the world, and I like the little piece of it I am living on, thank you very much.


But it’s cool I can interact with these people – none of them that I know well, but all of them are trusted.  I trust them firstly because they have given me no reason to NOT trust them, and secondly because I know they all “get it” when it comes to online communities.  It takes a lot more effort to build truly meaningful relationships with your online friends then it does with the people you see every day. Partly because you have a much narrower “commonality zone” online than you do with your physical friends.


I also got three different leads on consulting business today, and that’s the most opportunity any day has presented me since I started this.  Three different customers with vastly different needs – and that is what I like about it.  I don’t have a little niche like “Social Networking” that I am boxed into.  I also have my experience with Wireless LAN (WiFi) and Software Quality Assurance.  So we’ll see.  I gave myself two years to get this consulting thing going or else I would need to change course.  Today was a good day – I feel like I am on course.  But tomorrow will probably be different 🙂


So all in all I had a good weird day.  I hope you enjoyed the same!




  1. You hit the right audience because I am a widget fan, and I am always happy to have some great story ideas that are on target. Good luck with your business, for me it has been a blast. It is five years last week. 🙂