An oddly interesting conversation

My cell phone rang a while ago, and an older man asked, “Is this Robbie?”.  Hardly anyone calls me Robbie.  My mother did, and my dad sometimes does – but nobody else.  So I assumed, correctly, that this was a wrong number.

I tried to explain this to the gentleman when he told me I needed to shut up, so he could make amends and leave this world in peace.

It is really hard to just hang up when you hear something like that.

So, I told him I was Robbie.

Then he started to tell me his story – and explain to me how he wronged me 17 years before I was born.

It seems he, who he said was named Guy, was a bit of a swindler. A bit of a big-time swindler.  He confessed that he had stolen $6500 from me in a bridge building scheme in Colorado, back in 1944.  He says he claimed to be working for the government who needed a new bridge to supply a new top-secret base in New Mexico.

He rambled a great deal, and I could tell he suffered memory loss, because he repeated parts of the story several times.

This was a 45 minute phone call.  Why would I spend 45 minutes listening to him?  Well, it actually just beat anything on television.

At the end, he was sobbing, and asked my forgiveness, which I gave.

At the end, I was compelled to send a Tweet:

I have the most unusual conversations. With the most interesting people. That nobody has ever heard of. #thingsthatmakemesmile


  1. Paul Claessen says:

    “he was sobbing, and asked my forgiveness, which I gave”

    You’re such a nice fellow..

    But I would have asked for my $65,000 back! (yeah, I know, I added a zero there, but heck, this was in 1944! Inflation correction!)

    I mean it, that would have taken care of his guilty feelings right there.
    I would have loved to be able to help him that way!
    That’s the nice guy in me.