An unexpected lending

My neighbor, a 92 year old man, came to my door tonight and asked, “You still doing that Internet stuff?”

I told him I was, and he handed me a DVD – “”.

I had never heard of it, but he told me it was his Grandson’s and that I should watch it.  It’s now 2am – I’ve been watching the movie for 90 minutes – and I can’t go to sleep.  I must see the ending.

It’s the story of a Dot-Com in the late 90’s.  It has all of the greed and jealousy and pettiness that I experienced in startups.  Even some of the lavishness.

It’s really well-filmed.  I may just like it because I can identify so closely with it – but I think it may appeal to a wider audience.

Of course – I DO know how it ends.


  1. Bruce Hughes says:

    Curious coincidence: it’s Mark Andreessen’s Film of the Week.

  2. Here’s the IMDB page. I am surprised to note that it’s actually a documentary and won a few awards too!