And as I am all thoughtful tonight…

My favorite song of all time has to be “Taxi” by Harry Chapin.  For a lot of reasons.  NOT because it was his best song – it was not, not in my opinion.

But I have an affinity with the song that is hard to describe.  I love the fact that it is a storyteller, telling a great story.

I love that it’s a love story that goes awry – I’ve had my experience with those 🙂

I also love that years and years later the story comes true – the fairytales are fulfilled.

And Harry Chapin dies young – never knowing how he affected people like me.  Probably not knowing people like me existed.

My favorite Harry Chapin song is one you’ve probably never heard.

Harry didn’t live long enough to record a ton of songs… so what do you think my favorite Chapin song is?  1,000 worthless points to whoever gets it right.

Some of you know me well enough to guess it.   The rest of you need to work harder and read some old posts.

I really don’t think this will be that hard though.


  1. And here is the link for those that are curious. But you have to hear Harry “tell” the story for it to really sink in.

  2. @ Tim – it’s almost unfair to award the winning prize to one of my brothers – but you are correct.

    “A Better Place to be” is a wonderful story of hope, and history – and future. It is a story told as only Harry Chapin could tell it. I think it’s Harry’s best song because I think it is his best story – and Harry was all about telling stories.

    So in my humble opinion, his best story should be his best song – and “A Better Place to be” IS his best story!

    Good job, bro!


  3. He was way before my time, but is it “A Better Place to be”?

  4. Bruce – good guesses. Not correct ones, but good ones 🙂

    I know this isn’t an easy quiz – it’s far too sbjective, and I know even the most esoteric of Chapin music. And the song I am thinking of didn’t get a lot of air time – it wasn’t a hit. It’s just what I think is his best story-telling song.

    Another hint – the song includes a security guard.


  5. Knowing you, I’m going to make four guesses. I haven’t listened to all of them lately, but here goes, in order of likelihood IMHO:

    1) I Miss America
    2) What Made America Famous?
    3) Sounds Like America To Me
    4) I Don’t Want To Be President

  6. 🙂 Tricky, huh? Taxi is my favorite song, but not Harry Chapin’s best song (IMHO). That’s basically what I said (I think!). So knowing me, which Chapin song would I think is his best work?

  7. So the part where you said that ‘Taxi’ by Harry Chapin is your favorite wasn’t the clue? He did write ‘Sequel’ to Taxi…

    Wait, what was the question again?

  8. And yes, “Cat’s in the Cradle” would have been a good guess. But it would have been wrong (yet it WOULD have showed you knew a lot about how I think of my kids – and how little time I got to spend with them when they were “kids”, and how short life is. And how I hate that my kids are getting old, but don’t mind getting old myself).

    Try again. It has nothing to do with bananas at all. But it does have something to do with “friendly girls”.

    Clues abound!