And I do realize I am pandering a bit to my new-found Linux friends…

And I promise everyone else, I will get back to regular posting soon. Really.

But I want to thank the Linux community – especially the Ubuntu community for your support. The blog posts, the almost 400 emails I have received. The offers of free telephone support, help migrating my tools over, etc. It’s been remarkable.

And get this, Microsoft – none of these people has a tag of MVP (most vicious prick is my most recent experience with MVPs). They are people. Unrecognized people that don’t need titles or kudos or privileges to get them to help the community. They do it because they love the community.

I felt like that about Microsoft once. But Ray Ozzie hasn’t materialized. A “New” Microsoft hasn’t materialized. Bill Gates is off giving kids immunizations (and that BY FAR is the best use of my dollars to MS over the last decade have provided).

So this message is just to thank a community that is apparently very passionate. And helpful. And caring.

I’ll still be blogging about Ubuntu this week – in moderation. But I’ll also get back to bitching about my kids, talking about my screwed up experiences with my cable company (TIme-Warner) and generally complaining about whatever irritates me at the time.

It’s kind of funny that Ubuntu doesn’t have the word “bitching” in the default dictionary though. Why is that?



  1. I got it working. Haven’t figured out how to change the default monitor from one to the other, but I used this link:

    I wish I could tell you exactly what I did – but it’s based off the beta drivers on that link – and it works 🙂 – at least on my Nvidia 7900GT Dual-Head card.

    Good luck!


  2. If you haven’t already found this thread:
    it might help 🙂 Note that it looks like you’ll have to install the nVidia proprietary drivers first. My machine doesn’t need to do that, but a thread like this should help:

  3. Rob,

    Let me know if you find out how to get dual monitor working. I’m still struggeling to get this work myself

  4. Ed, I’ll do my best. Right now I am trying to get dual monitor support with my twin-head NVidia 7900GT card. Fun stuff 🙂


  5. I hope you take the time and let us know the all about your Ubuntu experiences. I think it would be valuable to all of us to explore an alternative O/S. I would love to learn the tips and tricks with you as you learn them.