And one more thing…

I’ve hurt my right shoulder somehow, which makes moving my arm somewhat painful (I shriek like a little girl).  Even mousing is painful, so I have used a laptop with a trackpad all day (less motion required).

This pain, whatever it is, has contributed to Part 5 of “The Spring of 1982” being delayed.  It’s not totally responsible, but it is a factor.

So I have a DR. appointment next week, and I LOVE those (right).  I already need to get some bone spurs cut out of my right knee, and now my right shoulder is quitting on me.  Getting old sucks.

But as my Dad always says, “It beats the alternative”



  1. Fajna stronka, dodalem ja sobie do ulubionych, bede tu zagladal czesciej, pozdrawiam

  2. Let me know how it goes big bro. I just had my second shoulder surgery last month so I’m kinda getting to be an expert.

  3. @Deannie – 😕 yeah – I hate being sick/injured. I don’t handle it well.

    But I had lunch with an ex co-worker, drank two margaritas, and came home and took a couple pain pills. It doesn’t hurt near as much as it did a few hours ago 🙂

    Thanks for the well-wishing!

  4. @Kami – thanks – it was a lot of fun. I’ll blog about it tomorrow (right now I have too many narcotics on board)!

    I really appreciate you getting me into the event though, and it was wonderful to finally meet you in person 😀

  5. 😥
    Hate that you aren’t feeling your best…hope the doc can give you genuine relief.

  6. Hey, you did pretty well on the roller coaster today. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Oops. Take care of yourself Rob. I couldn’t stand a small wrist injury (caused by a small needle nonetheless!), I couldn’t even imagine having pain in the bone….

    Get right, and get all right!