Animated TV Station Logo Haters of the World

Yeah, like I have time to start another thing – but if I did, it would be ATSLHW.

I was watching a very touching film on cable with my daughter when all of a sudden a tiger jumped out of the bottom right corner of my screen — right at me!  During the movie.  During a good part of the movie that an animated icon shouldn’t be messing with.  It frightened me – and it spoiled to mood of the film – MUCH more than just a commercial would.

And the logo craze seems to be getting momentum.  The only thing worse is showing me a huge, annoying, animated Logo is to then show me a huge, annoying, animated commercial for the next show you are going to annoy me with your stupid icons and commercial.

Guess what, media people? I KNOW WHAT CHANNEL I AM WATCHING  – and if you stop annoying me to death I might come back.   


  1. Those two pingbacks above are the oddest sites, do you think they belong to anyone really?

    In any case, you just reminded of yet another reason why I don’t miss cable television…AT ALL.