Another business idea – Audio/Visual Time Vault

On the macabre side of things, I know.  But build an audio and/or video site where I can post things that aren’t ever shared until a certain set of things happens (or doesn’t happen).  Like maybe you get notice I am dead – based on my preferences you can now release all of those videos to YouTube that I did with Paris Hilton. 

Or if you DON’T hear from me (I don’t login for example) in a year (or whatever time frame I choose) you execute all of my instructions for dealing with my online accounts (Facebook,, and 500+ others).  Maybe I want you to close the account.  Maybe I just want you to post one final blog post saying something like, "I won’t be posting for a while… something came up"

And maybe I want you to wait a year, or five.  And then send some content to my kids.

My idea, you build it.  I get a free account.