Anyone still interested in "The Spring of 1982"?

Story so far is here (caution – pdf file).  For the first blog post of this series, click here.

Anyway – I think I’m ready to start writing the rest of this story now.  I’m just not sure if anyone still cares.

And yes, I know some of the characters are screwed up in the earlier posts (the fonts I mean, although yes – many of the people were as well).  I think that happened when I moved from Windows to Linux, and I am fixing old posts as time allows (which means, not very quickly!).

Let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. @Jon – thanks! I *think* I have fixed the issue – it had to do with a misplaced div. I found it, but now I don’t remember what I did with it!

  2. @Rob, didn’t get any browser to work as I don’t use Windows on the desktop anymore 😉

    Nevermind, now it seems to work! BTW, I ain’t going anywhere. Your ramblings have secured a spot in my RSS reader!

  3. ? Did I surprise you or something?

  4. Yuvi!

  5. Hell yea interested.

  6. @Jon – thanks! I do appreciate you sticking around! I’m in the middle of a re-install of Ubuntu so I’ll take a look at that issue once I’m finished. What browser worked?

  7. @Deannie – thanks! No, we didn’t have veal 😉

  8. Just a note Rob, I can’t get the edit comment feature to work with FireFox on Ubuntu… the comment never loads in the box…

  9. hellz yeah, I’m interested! That was the reason that I originally subscribed to the blog, but now that has almost been forgotten as you have worked your way up my reading priority queue…

  10. Did you mention veal? 🙂

    I am actually quite interested in hearing … THE REST OF THE STORY.

  11. Well, if Kami is interested, I’m motivated enough. Maybe 🙂

    I’m going to stop telling the story in chronological order though (well, lets say I won’t be _concerned_ with telling it in chronological order). I can always put it in order when I am “done”.

    But the part of the story I want to tell next skips a lot of stuff. But I want to talk about helping a calf come into the world. It’s a favorite memory of mine.

  12. I am so glad to see that I didn’t miss the rest of this series. Count me as interested.