Apple Makes Pretty Stuff

It’s pretty.  Of course.  Am I interested in getting one?  Certainly.  But at $500, I need to know more – and I need to see it and hold it; play with it.

I have some concerns – no stylus sounds fine, until you have the flu and spread germs all over your phone. That doesn’t sound too appealing.  It would be interesting to culture the phone after a winter flu season passes through the kid’s school.

And I hate it when anyone touches my LCD screens on my current phone or laptop.  Fingers are oily.  What’s this thing look like after a couple months of use?  How scratch resistant is that full-frontal LCD? 

And does it play well with Windows?  At least well enough?  Or is Apple going to bet the farm that they can leverage this device into a larger PC Market Share by locking it into Macintosh?  Linux?  Who knows.

And I certainly won’t buy one right away – any new hardware/software platform will have bugs – and I don’t get excited about the 5 hour battery life Apple claims.  For a device that is touted as my MP3 player, my cell phone, and my Internet Appliance, 5 hours gets me through about 25% of my day. 

Is the battery replaceable, or is this another dispose of it after 2 years device like the iPods?


I *do* understand why people are excited – so am I – I hate every cell phone I’ve had in the last five years – and I’ve had top of the line everythings.  They all disappointed because they all tried to do everything, and none of them did anything overly well.

Until I see that Apple actually got the functionality down as well as they have “pretty” down, I’ll wait.  For the iPhone 2.0, or maybe even the 3.0.

Oh, and as for the name change from Apple Computers to Apple, Inc – good move.  Not many companies that included “Computers” in their name survived for 30 years.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple didn’t hold the record there.


  1. They would still have to give me a replaceable battery pack to make me happy.

  2. I want one without the phone capabilities and with 80gig HD instead of the flash. I just wanted a video iPod

    But the flash is there to probably give them battery life….

  3. Oh I have no doubt Apple will make a ton of money off of it (and as someone that basically made a living day-trading Apple Stock for most of last year, I am certainly aware of the 7% increase in stock price yesterday).

    I am still going to wait and see how people feel about the device 3 months after owning it. If the reviews are still good, I may get one.

  4. It was already a hit for Apple’s stock price today….

  5. I am not too concerned about the front LCD – you put that plastic stuff on there like you do on any other electronic device like the Palm, TREO, or any digital camera and it just works nicely. I loved my Blackberry and now I love my TREO for the same reason: they do email exceedingly well. I am not sure I want to worry about my phone taking great picture/video/etc (although have you seen that Nokia N93?!? sweeet!). I digress.

    Compatibility, bugs and battery life are always THE top concerns in my book though. My corporate users are gonna want this – will it get email from Exchange? If it has bugs, yuck phooey and battery life, well, duh. It should be interesting to see how it shakes out.

    But it sure is a pretty thing.