Are Blogs Social Networking Sites?

I argue they are.  Others will argue “what is is“.

But how are blogs NOT Social Networking Sites?  They have guests (users), interaction (comments), membership, a following (if they are lucky) and a sense of community. 

Most blogs (unlike this one) are actually about something.  That tends to give people a sense of community.  So if we have collaboration, community, and a topical blog, how is that not a Social Network?

I ask because of a long conversation I had tonight with someone that disagrees with me.  Their claim is that a Social Network Site can have blogs but it can’t be a blog.  I could never be made to understand his argument.

Social is interaction. Period.  Any site that allows the visitor to create content is a Social Networking Site.  Even if that content is a comment. 


  1. I agree with you. I read a blog that the poster often times has only posted a two sentence blog and will end up with 13 comments. The readers interact with each other as does he with his readers. I’m still learning about these social networking sites, but it sounds like it to me…