Are You An Ostrich Blogger?

Yes, I am an Ostrich Blogger.  And maybe it IS a very amateur thing to do.  But I’m not writing a technical blog, I’m writing a whatever the hell I feel like writing blog. 

There are ~70 million blogs — sure I could pick a topic – but whatever I picked would be the same as what someone else specialized in (probably).

I don’t see anything wrong with an Ostrich Blog.  I can write an Ostrich Blog and ALWAYS be on topic – because by definition, the topic is whatever I write about 🙂

I’m writing one, and interestingly some people actually read it.  And some interesting people actually comment on it.


If you find yourself unable to maintain any focus, perhaps you should consider starting another blog or two. Theres no law that says you have to post every day. You could post to each one every two or three days. The fact is, chasing an off-topic rabbit once in a while is a very bloggy thing to do, but having a blog with no focus at all is a very amateur thing to do.

Are You An Ostrich Blogger?