Are you Jellin’?

Newest variation of this annoying ad is to REPEAT the use of “jellin'”.  So now it’s, “are you jellin’ jellin'”.

So let’s have fun with the “foot comforting inserts”:

Are you jellin’, jellin’,

‘Cause I ain’t telling,

from how your feet are smellin’.

And if you are Jellin’, Jellin’

how come your feet are swellin’?

What kind crap they sellin’

if your feet are swellin’ and your ass be smellin’?

Your ankles look like a mellon

and your face looks like a felon.

Are you jellin’, jellin’?

I ain’t tellin’

OK, I don’t understand myself.  There is a reason only my kids will live with me, ya know!


  1. deannie says:

    if you are just living with your kids means NO YELLIN’