Are you looking for me?

I shared this on Google+ earlier.  Decided to share it here as well.

I am always amazed by the people that tell me I am “stupid” for sharing my home phone number on Twitter, FaceBook, etc. My job is customer experience – I NEED customers to find me for me to win. What is crazy about making it easy for them? My home number is 210-370-3861. My cell is 210-845-4440. Anyone could find that by digging into a simple Google search.

I am not afraid of my customers – especially the unhappy ones – those are the ones I can learn the most from, and drive the best change based on their feedback. Of course, I also love talking to customers that think we are amazing. I don’t discriminate between the two though – I need to hear from both sides to see where we really are at – to understand where we need to apply resources.

I love customers – I love working for a company that appreciates how much I care for my relationships with customers. I love that I am allowed to work when my customers expect me to work, and not on a schedule mandated by 9-5ers.

I’ve been a customer of +Rackspace Hosting for more than ten years, in one form or another. And an employee for 3 1/2 years. I prefer being an employee that has been a customer, and can honestly understand things from a customer perspective.

And I trust us to do the right thing by customers. So why would I shy away from them?

I currently run the Social Media team at +Rackspace Hosting and my team is all engineers – people that can actually drive change within the company.

I need customers like Lindsey Lohan appears to need court dates. Like Tom Cruise needs a sofa to jump on.

If you are in customer support, or Social Media, and you are evading and avoiding your customers – I feel sorry for you. I WANT to know my customers. I want them to know how to reach me.
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