The previous post was not supposed to go out today – not on Thanksgiving (not a gun post on Thanksgiving – Rob, are you an idiot?!?!).

  I apologize for that.  I set it to be delivered in the morning, but I guess the over-clocking of my CPU has side-effects I hadn’t considered –  Pre-mature Publication!

I hate it when that happens.

Really though, sorry for that.



  1. I am running SNTP… I found a bug in the PHP code for the “delayed posting” widget I am using. It uses GMT time, but was adding my -6 GMT as a +6 GMT.

    It may be working now – I’ll have to test it.


  2. “I guess the over-clocking of my CPU has side-effects”

    It may. But not on your wall clock time, which is derived from a timer chip with fixed input frequency and not dependent on your CPU’s reference clock.
    But anyhow … as a service to your customers you SHOULD be running SNTP anyway. Plenty of free ‘atomic clock’ synchronizers out there!