This could be fun. Over on the right sidebar you see this widget. Click on it and you can ask me a question. I’ll probably try to answer it!

The questions/answers are index and searchable. Interesting.

I’ll test it here for a while – feel free to use it!






Askablogr is an integrated blog question and answer (Q&A) service that:

* Makes it easy for blog readers to submit questions to their favorite bloggers, while protecting the privacy and attention of the blogger

* Makes it easy for bloggers to answer some questions and decline others (or permanently block certain questioners) without hurting anyone’s feelings

* Automagically publishes these Q&A exchanges to the blogger’s blog

* Creates a master index of all the participating bloggers, readers and Q&A sessions (with links back to the source blogs) to help readers find and participate in this new kind of blog conversation

Askablogr – How it Works


  1. What if I’m not a blogger? πŸ˜‰