At Least There is Some Synergy Here


Over at Mashable, they are discussing a new social networking site for the recently layed off.  It’s called Layoffspace.

Over on the Texas Startup Blog, Alexander Muse is talking about IBM laying off up to 100,000 people (shit!).

Almost everyone else is talking about the Microsoft/Yahoo rumors (as I did this morning).

So if Yahoo and Microsoft merge, or Microsoft buys Yahoo, a lot of people will lose their jobs (no matter what they say – you don’t need double every administrative function – only our Federal Governement can get away with that.)

So now we have IBM (maybe) cutting a hundred thousand jobs, a MS Yahoo thing costing thousands (tens of thousands?) more, and we have a new startup for people who just got layed off.

That, I think, is what they call timing!  What other day could they possible have come out with better timing? LayOffSpace is lucky (quick, I need to remember to buy “”).

Oh – and let’s not forget that Google is said to be looking to buy Simply Hired.  A great job searching/posting site.

So many wonderful new opportunities for all of the recently discarded technical talent our country has produced.

From I, Cringly, via the Texas Startup blog:

It is especially disconcerting for an action of this scale to take place at a time when many companies (including IBM) are complaining about a shortage of technical workers to justify a proposed expansion of H1B and other guest worker visa programs. What’s wrong with all those U.S. IBM engineers that they can’t fill the local technical labor demand? They can’t be ALL bad: after all, they were hired by IBM in the first place and retained for years.

What is unstated in this H1B aspect of the story is not that technical workers are unavailable but that CHEAP technical workers are unavailable. Lopping off half the technical staff, as Global Services is apparently about to do, will eliminate much of the company’s traditional wisdom and corporate memory in an act that some people might label as age discrimination.

Crap – so that’s the bad news – all of those people being layed off will have to find non-technical jobs, because they are too experienced to get a job paying them anything near what an H1-B would make.  They have priced themselves out of their own market.

They have all of these great new tools to help them – but no market that thinks they add enough value.

I find this interesting, and suspicious.  On average, when I was in Corporate America, every new employee I hired cost a thousand dollars a year, or more, than the last.  New employees were making more money the day they got out of college than many employees that had been in the workforce for 25 years.

It’s a myth that you save money by getting rid of the very employees that created your company, your persona, your vision, your history, and your knowledge base.  Losing them is more costly than most companies think (and I have an EXCELLENT example, if I need to use it).

So some really bad news today for a lot of the US Tech sector.  But at least they will have a Social Networking site to hang out on and share their woes.  And they can find that 7-11 job via SimplyGoogleHired.

And people think I am risking a lot by working for myself!


  1. At Least There is Some Synergy Here