At this point, I don’t care about making money

Yes, I work for a public company, and yes the economy sucks.  I’ve been through a lot of public companies – one used to trade for over $100 and now trades for $1.33.  Been there. Done that. Got the options at the bottom of the bird cage to prove it.

I care about building a great company though – I care a great deal.  That is why my focus is on how to serve customers.  My role at my employer has changed a lot over the last year – but I have increasingly built an infrastructure that lets me help customers.  It is just what I am good at.

The last company I worked for was arrogant – the one I work for now is completely different.  The company I work for now both values the customer and LISTENS to them.

That’s all I want to do.  It is all I care about.  I figure that if I make customers happy, we’ll make money off of it. Sooner or later.  And if we build  a great company, later is good enough.

And really – that is all I want to do – and being empowered to do so at my current employer has made me very engaged, and passionate about what I do.

I just want to stay that focused, even as I have a ton of other things going on.

And there are some very fun other things going on 🙂

But my heart is with the customer – and exceeding their expectations.


  1. Rob … *shocked* YOU did that TOO?

  2. @Paul, @David – yes, that was me – both were completely reasonable things for me to do at the time, and they were NOT done in a vacuum 🙂

    And the customer that did eventually shut up kept buying from us, and I am still in contact with them today. The customer I “fired” wasn’t paying their bills and were demanding more Developer support than they were spending every month.

    And the arrogance? If you didn’t see it you were either too far from it, or too close to it.


    Robs last blog post..At this point, I don’t care about making money

  3. @David, maybe not Cnxt/Isil in its entirety, but Rob has a point … SOME of the support people, tsk tsk tsk !!!
    I once heard a support guy (pretty high up by then) yelling to a customer to “shut up” and he actually once “FIRED” a customer!

  4. David Leach says:

    And which company was arrogant with customers?

    I’m not sure I would characterize Conexant/Intersil as being arrogant with customers.

  5. +1. Good for you, and great to hear. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to do what they’re good at and enjoy it — much less appreciate how rare it is. Keep it up. 🙂