ATT Offer?

I know I just saw an ATT offer of something like, “Buy any phone and get up to four free”.

I looked on their website and can’t find anything about it.

Not that I am interested – I know they won’t let me buy an iPhone and get three more for free.  I know it’s some bait and switch where if you buy a phone they’ll “give” you a crap phone for every two year contract you sign up for.  And that’s exactly the detail I was looking for on the ATT site.

Except I can’t find it – and that is SERIOUS bait and switch!

*sigh* – why can’t I just find a Cell Phone provider that is willing to take an honest cut off what I use and everyone wins? 

If you have to lock your customer in through a contract, you probably are a monopoly, or you know you will piss your customer off before you get your payback.  Either way, you suck.


  1. If I’m confused, then so were my kids. We were all pretty sure it was ATT. I’ll have to TiVo the commercial 🙂