Australian Senator Discusses Oil Spill Video

OK, just to prove that it not just Americans that get caught saying something silly on video.  This sounds like a Monty Python skit, but it isn’t.

Australian Senator Discusses Oil Spill – Watch more free videos

Australian Senator Discusses Oil Spill

This might sound dumb but its a hilarious video! An Australian Senator is interviewed regarding an oil spill that resulted in 20,000 tons of oil being dumped into the ocean.

Australian Senator Discusses Oil Spill Video


  1. Gene Eggers says:

    In August 2007, an oil tanker off the coast of Australia split in two dumping 20,000 tons of crude oil. An Australian MP quickly appeared on a TV news program to reassure the Australian public with soothing rhetoric. This is NOT an actual interview with this Australian Parliament member but a funny satire done on something like Australia’s version of an American “Saturday Night Live” skit. In fact as a comedy sketch, the parts of the politician and interviewer are played by Australian television comedy duo John Clarke and Brian Dawe (the former reportedly engaging here in a parody of Peter Cook, the former Australian Minister for Shipping and Aviation Support and Minister for Trade / see website: ). Clarke and Dawe’s stock-in-trade is presenting satirical takes on current events, often in the form of mock interviews in which Clarke assumes the role of a beleaguered politician (or other prominent public figure) attempting to explain away some blunder while being grilled by interviewer Dawe.

    However, while as a spoof explaining an actual event, this video clip humorously illustrates how politicians everywhere often try to put a CYA (Cover-Your-Ass) spin on things using political double-speak and language to down play tragic events or circumstances to the public in effort to deflect blame or criticism of their government (or from themself).

  2. If you think that getting drunk would make you Dutch .. then I have to disappoint you.
    There’s a lot more involved in accomplishing that! (becoming Dutch .. not drunk)

  3. Well I knew he wasn’t Dutch because he was sober 😀

  4. Now…. had he been American .. I probably would have been fooled too… *ducks and runs*

  5. @Paul – I told my son I didn’t think it was real, but that I hoped it was – it was just too funny! Thanks for doing my homework (again!)

  6. “This sounds like a Monty Python skit, but it isn’t”

    Correct. It’s not Monty Python’s.
    But it’s also not a senator. (And not Australian either: he’s from New Zealand).

    But absolutely YES, it IS a skit.

    Do a search on youtube for “John Clarke and Bryan Dawe” for more of those ‘interviews’

    (You KNEW you could count on me to figure this out. Also: this is an excellent, and sad, demonstration of how people regard politicians if they thought, as many did, that this was ‘real’)