Baby Boomers

I just saw a commercial on TVLAND (watching a Three’s Company marathon, thank you very much!) for a four part series they have run on the Baby Boomer Generation, called “Generation Boom”.  I haven’t seen it – I think they are advertising for the repeats now.

Without really knowing what the show is about, I started wondering for what / why Baby Boomers get so much attention.

To me it is clear that what Baby Boomers have access to (and have for their entire live’s) is ready access to information – much more so than any previous generation.  Even before the Internet Baby Boomers had more access to information than any other generation – and I think that’s what’s made them a “generation with a title”.  The information is empowering…

And the more sources that came along, Cable TV, CNN. MSNBC, and the Internet the more informed and involved they can be in those discussions.

From politics to hobbies people have been able to not only learn about, but contribute, and shape those fields.  And just about every other field.

I don’t think the web became a two-way medium by accident – people started learning enough that they felt empowered – and eventually the web had to give them a voice – because they demanded a voice.  Just like radio spawned dial in talk shows because people demanded a way to provide feedback.

 So the web became two way because there was just too much information flowing one-way – and it kind of filled the queue on the back end until it finally burst back onto the Internet – in a really profound way.  In a “I can’t shut the valve off” type of way.  Like a Three Stooges cartoon where they flood a basement, there is no main “off valve” here.  Almost every attempt to stem the flow creates a new branch of information.  People will not be denied an outlet. 

That’s one of the reasons people like reading blogs – and one of the major reason I blog.  I can push back, even if a little bit, here in my blog.  I can share my thoughts – no matter how disheveled they are.

And so can others.

In any case, where I started this is my thoughts that the Baby Boomer generation may just have been able to generate more real wealth than any other generation because they had access to the information they needed to make it happen.

And that’s one of the reasons I don’t like DRM, RFID, Stop-Light cameras, censorship, blog-blocking, etc.  They exist to funnel information – not to share it.  Not with me at least.