Barnacle Bill’s Closed: Employees Shocked

 I was just at Barnacle Bill’s last week – they were very busy, as usual.  The Barnacle Bill’s chain used to be associated with Bill Miller’s BBQ (another larger local chain), but they split up a number of years ago.

My experience tells me that busy bars or restaurants that suddenly close are usually facing legal or management issues.  No clue what’s going on here – none of the owners are talking.

There is a video story at the link below.


A local fast food chain is no more, and there’s no word as to why.

Doors and windows are boarded up at the six Barnacle Bill’s Seafood restaurants around San Antonio.

Workers say they were given no explanation, and had no clue why the restaurants abruptly shut down.

Source: Barnacle Bill’s Closed: Employees Shocked After Popular Restaurant Shuts Down | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News