"Because it’s the rule"

My local grocery store has a rule that anything placed on the bottom shelf of the grocery cart at the checkout has to get a little sticker put on it – to show that the cashier actually charged me for the item.  It’s a stupid rule, because it could be a very expensive item, or a very cheap item.  It slows everything down during checkout.  And it’s just stupid.

So yesterday, as I was checking out, I asked that all of my canned goods be stacked individually (no bags, thank you – just stack them there) be placed on the bottom shelf.  This created a great deal of confusion as the cashier said I couldn’t do that, and the bagger was more than willing to do whatever I asked.  The bagger and cashier got into an argument, and the manager overheard.  She came over to see what’s up.

I explained to her that I wanted my canned goods individually stacked on the bottom of the cart and the cashier was reluctant because she “didn’t have that many stickers”.  The manager asked me why I wanted all my canned goods on the bottom shelf and I told her it was because I was collecting the little stickers.

Now she thinks I am crazy, the cashier is frustrated, and the bagger is laughing his ass off.  He knows I am trying to make a point.  Nobody else seems to realize it.  There was nobody behind me in line (I wish there was – it would have made it more interesting).  My fifteen nearly sixteen year old daughter was a very bright shade of red, but she was laughing too.  She is kind of used to me.

Anyway, the manager again asked why I want my canned good individually stacked on the bottom of the cart and I told her, “Honestly, I am just collecting the stickers, and this way I can get more of them”.

Without blinking an eye, or stopping to think was she was doing, she gave me a brand new roll of 100 of these stickers, they put my canned goods in bags, and put them in the cart.  The toilet paper and paper towels went on the bottom shelf, and got their own stickers.

The manager never thought that giving me stickers actually totally screwed the justification for having stickers in the first place.  So the next time I shop there I am going to put everything I can on the bottom shelf as I shop – and I’ll put stickers on each item as I place them on the shelf.  I wonder what will happen in the checkout lane?


  1. Baggers at grocery stores are always the smart ones. πŸ˜‰

  2. BTW, just so you all know, I know David. I’ve known him for 15 years or so. He’s the guy I go to poker games to get money from!

    Oh – and Office Football Pools, too! I’m just glad he makes a good living – otherwise I would feel guilty.


  3. Only one?

  4. I see a windmill in your future…

  5. Yeah – but you tend to bend with society, and I tend to bend society πŸ˜‰


  6. Okay… the first thought that came to mind was… “what an ass”


  7. that made me giggle!

  8. Kaylyn – I’ve been meaning to do a “Because you asked” post about RSS readers. I’ll try to do that in the next couple of days – so check back. It’s really easier than email (because unlike email, you can shut someone up whenever you want!)


  9. yeah, i saw that. had i know you gave me my very own post i would have come back much sooner! πŸ˜‰ If I could figure out how these readers work I would subscribe, but i’m still new to this world of blog.

  10. Kaylyn, welcome back! I think you’ve been gone ever since the Kaylyn post: http://lagesse.org/index.php/2006/11/06/the-kaylyn-post/

    Welcome back, and glad you came back to something you found funny. To many of my posts haven’t been lately, I think!


  11. I’ve been away from your blog for a while. This made me lmao! Glad I picked it to come back to. At our warehouse club they have a person standing at the door with a highlighter. She/He is supposed to count the number of items in your cart then highlight your receipt to verify you didn’t take a 5-finger discount. No THAT causes a traffic jam!