Been a busy Bee

Been short on posting this week.  On Monday I bought back a company I founded a few years ago.  More on that later.  Yesterday our development team informed us that they were “done” with the latest venture (which I am not ready to disclose just yet).

But that means a lot of testing, planning for the next round of development, etc.  Hectic times – but fun ones.

I’m also working with a new local startup that has some pretty cool ideas.  We’ll see what comes of that, but there are at least a few extremely bright people involved.

Tomorrow I am pretty much taking the day off, and with the NCAA here in San Antonio this week, I don’t think I’ll be working all that hard this weekend.  So that means Monday probably before I really get back into a somewhat normal routine – to include blogging a bit.

Getting an MRI on my right knee this week as well – it’s been hurting for far too long.  No clue how I injured it.  I was shot in my left kneecap years ago (glancing blow from a .22 rifle round  – another story for another time)- I always figured that would be the first knee to go! 


  1. It’s weird, in my old car (the Buick) I couldn’t drive for long without my right knee giving me trouble because of the angle that my right foot was positioned in order to press the gas. I would use cruise control as much as possible. My Camry doesn’t give me any problems at all like that. Go figure.

  2. Hah! Paul, sometimes you make me laugh. (sometimes!)

  3. Oh, about being shot at with a .22 …
    Did they ever charge her husband for that? 😉