Beloit College Mind-set List

Every year

Beloit College sets their new list of “things this generation can’t relate to”.

It includes things like, “There has always been only one Germany.” and “They have never heard anyone actually “ring it up” on a cash register.”

These are interesting, but there are other things I think should have made the list:

1) They have never had to “defragment their hard drives”.

2) They don’t know what two modems connecting sounds like.

3) The Internet is older than they are.

4) “Google” is a verb

5) “WEB 2.0” is their “WEB 1.0”


And that’s just the geeky things.  Other things they don’t know:

1) Once I knew everyone in the town I lived in — and they knew me.

2) At the age of ten I could go out for a full day without my parents wondering where I was — if they got curious, they picked up the phone (a party line) and asked all of the neighbors if they had seen me — they didn’t call my cell phone.

3) I used my imagination to create the vast majority of entertainment I got – I used it to create.

4) I was never pressured in school to do anything except be good in school.  Extra-curricular activities were the exception, and not the norm.

5) There were only four TV channels, yet the few times we watched it there was always something on.


I know I’m showing my age… but I honestly believe I had a better childhood than my kids have – and my kids have TVs, cable, Internet, Computers, Video games, etc.  I had friends, and imagination, and a much longer summer to run, and play, and be free, and to never worry about summer projects I needed for school.

Yeah, my kids are being ripped off.