Benedryl is interesting…

I’ve taken Benedryl before, but never for more than two doses or so.  Then I generally was over whatever I was taking Benedryl for.

I’m on my second day of Benedryl now and it makes me stupid.  I vacuumed my entire living room before I realized the vacuum was full and wasn’t actually picking anything up.  I went to empty the canister (I have an Oh-So-Awesome Dyson – really the best vacuumed I have ever owned) and realized the trash bag in the kitchen was full.  I took the trash bag out and came in and washed my hands then sat down to read some blogs. 

Eventually I got up for something and ended up in the kitchen washing my hands again (I worked in Health Care – I wash my hands a lot).  I went to throw the paper towel away and realized I didn’t have a trash bag in the trash can.  I went to get a trash bag and noticed the canister for the vacuum and remembered I was vacuuming.  So that’s what I did.

As I was passing the front door to put the vacuum in the closet, the elderly neighbor lady brought me some chicken soup (yes, she is a sweetheart).  I answered the door, leaving the vacuum in the front hall while I took the soup to the kitchen.  I noticed I needed a garbage bag – but I wanted to eat the soup while it was hot, so I did that instead.

As I returned my dishes to the sink I realized I didn’t have a trash bag, and remembered why – I decided to vacuum first.  This reminded me that I left the vacuum in the front hall.  Since my ex is picking up the kids today, she’ll be dropping them off later – I didn’t want a vacuum in the entry-way.  So I went and put it in the closet.

Now I’m back in my office, writing this post, and I have no clue if there is a garbage bag in the can in the kitchen or not.  But I’m not even going to look.  I am afraid I might end up vacuuming the living room for the third time today!


  1. Oh, and I did! Thanks Andrew!


  2. go to and search diphenhydramine … thats what benedryl is.

    it has intoxicating effects at high doses…

    with upwards of 250mg, you hallucinate.

  3. Beer never makes me this stupid 🙂

  4. … and you blame this on Benedryl?