Best Buy Observation

I just came back from my local Best Buy – it’s a zoo!  They are packed with people.  They have a flyer in the paper where you an get a copy of Microsoft OneCare, TaxCut and 512 MB of laptop memory if you buy Windows Vista Home Ultimate.

I was only there a few minutes (helping a friend pick an all-in-one printer), but I couldn’t help overhearing how many questions people had about which Vista version they needed.  Unfortunately the Best Buy staff was ill-trained to help them decide.  Best Buy was letting potential customers use their phones to call Microsoft for help in making the decision.

The other thing that was confusing is that one of the Best Buy reps was telling customers that they could install Vista on two machines, if one of them was a laptop.  I have no idea if that’s true – I think I read something about Home Ultimate being able to be installed on two machines – but nothing that covered two installs per copy of Vista.  Anyone know for sure?  Microsoft?

The good news for Microsoft is there are a LOT of people interested in Vista.  The bad news is people are extremely confused as too what they should be buying.

And Best Buy – they were a disaster.  None of the employees knew exactly which copy of TaxCut was supposed to be included, the staff knew nothing about Vista options, and they were already out of the free memory.  Of course, I don’t expect much from Best Buy, and they continue to live down to my expectations.


  1. “I just slammed myself!”

    Saves me the effort … 😉

  2. I do. I meet all of the requirements they list – but you know what – based on the fact Best Buy was making calls to Microsoft today to get answers about “which version should I buy” I imagine Microsoft (and it’s systems) are pretty much over-taxed right now. So I’ll cut them some slack.

    But as a former Quality Manager, Customer Support Manager, Computer Sales Manager, and Retail Manager, I wonder how Best Buy could be so ill-prepared for the Vista launch – I bet Microsoft sent them proper materials I imagine it’s a management issue. It usually is. Damn – I just slammed myself!

  3. Do you have a ‘boxed’ version? They seemed to be very specific abou that….

  4. Bummer – even though it says I qualified after I enter everything and click submit I get “We’re sorry, the following error(s) have occurred:
    No Offer Found ”

    Maybe it’s just a bug. I’ll try again in a few days before I call them.

  5. Cool – thanks for the links Paul – so I can install Vista on another laptop for just $49? That’ mor ethan fair, IMHO. I’ll try it tomorrow.


  6. They should simply have handed out copies of this:

    As for installing multiple copies. No you can’t. At least not for free. You CAN however install up to two more PC’s for $49.99 each once you have bought a boxed version of Vista. Sounds like a reasonable deal to me.

    Here are the details:

  7. Is this a good thing for those of us who will be supporting these users? Probably.