Best Buy Warranty BS – Again

I got a letter in the mail from Best Buy today.  It starts out:

Dear Mr. La Gesse,

I’m concerned that you haven’t renewed your Bust Buy Performance Service Plan.

Right.  Best Buy is worried about me! And I can tell.  I bought the 42 inch Sony Plasma they are talking about almost 4 years ago.  Plasma TV were VERY expensive when I bought mine (the price you pay to be an early adopter!).  I paid over $6,000 for my TV.


Now Best Buy wants me to extend my warranty for three years for the low, low price of just ….$2026.42!!!  1/3 the price I initially paid four years ago and about what it would cost to get an even better plasma or LCD TV now.  And when I am done paying for the warranty I’ll have a 7 year old TV that cost me over $8K.  Sure.

But it takes them three pages of paperwork to make me this “offer”. Gads, I hope people don’t really fall for this crap! 

The list of “Things this plan covers” is pretty short. The list of “Things this plan doesn’t cover” is not so short.

If there were such a thing as consumer protection in this country this would be illegal.

I’ll still shop at Best Buy – getting their loss-leader items.  Buying stuff I know they lose money on.  I’ll go to Target or elsewhere to get the add-ons though.