Bill Cowher "Retires" – for a year

I know most of my readers aren’t NFL Football fans.  But I am, and this is my blog 🙂


Bill Cowher – the longest tenured NFL coach announced today that he is retiring – he won’t be coaching next year.  But I want to make another New Year’s prediction – for 2008.

Bill Parcells coaches one more year for Dallas.  Then Cowher comes out of retirement to assume the Head Coach position for the Dallas Cowboys. 

Jerry Jones likes a high-profile coach, and wants to win.  Cowher wants more money and can’t stand losing.  Seems like a match made in heaven to me.  Jerry can pay him big time, and it’s hard to get more high-profile of a coach (and it’s hard to find a more high-profile team to coach!).


  1. Idiotic? We’ll see. And if you don’t think it’s about the money, watch what Cower gets paid in a year. There is no way he is “retired” – he loves the game, and he’s far to young to sit back and watch other people play it.

  2. bignasty says:

    He retired to spend time with his family and move to North Carolina. If it was about money, he would have gotten the big paycheck. Coaching in Dallas is just an idiotic comment…

  3. Or, even BETTER, he becomes the Dallas coach and kick Pittsburg’s a$$ 🙂

  4. I think you are right. It would be a match made in heaven. What would be more fun is if he ended up in the Super Bowl against the Steelers as the Dallas coach and got his axx kicked! Anyway blog on….