Bin Laden, Banking and Bullshit!

stupid Would you believe that Usama Bin Laden (if he could manage to get here without getting shot!) could open a checking account at my bank – but my son cannot?

No, not because my son isn’t old enough – but because my son has a United States Government Issued Identification Card – a Military Dependant ID Card. If he had a State issued ID card – from any US State, he could open a checking account.

If he had a foreign passport he could open a checking account.

If he were an illegal alien with a foreign driver’s license, he could open a checking account.

But not with a Military ID Card. Nope. Not at my bank anyway.

Why? “Because we can’t enter the number on it into our system“.

When I was in the Military there were a lot of people I knew that had no other form of ID other than their Military ID card. Many grew up in New York, and never had a need for a driver’s license. Some just never got one. I guess they aren’t welcome at my bank.