| Microsoft ponders Ruby language

I love RadRails – but I would LOVE to see a Microsoft IDE for Ruby on Rails.  Why?  Because Microsoft builds IDEs that teach me how to program.  Really – they do.  From the help system to links to examples, built in auto-complete of commands – it’s a great IDE, even if sometimes the language behind the IDE frustrates people.

But a MS IDE for Ruby on Rails would also help even more legitimatize RoR.  And contextual help, auto-complete, extensive online help and examples, full fledged example code?  Yeah.  I want all of that, and my Ruby on Rails too. 

“We are very interested in Ruby and have lots of thinking going on,” but nothing to announce at this time, Key said. He advised chatters to “stay tuned.”
Key added he was not the Microsoft person to comment in detail on this subject because he did not know the company’s plans. One chatter expressed wishes for an IDE for Ruby on Rails from Microsoft.

Source: | Microsoft ponders Ruby language