| VS2008 Beta2 VPCs expiring prematurely

[UPDATE: For more information, read here.] 

Ouch.  This isn’t good.  But it is another wonderful example of an attempt to prevent a very small percentage of your users from stealing your software – to the detriment of the vast majority of your customers that actually make your Wall Street numbers come in well of expectations.

Over time, this can’t be good business.

Yes – this is all on a day that my XP system that I have had over 5 years tells me it’s no longer valid, my new install of Vista (the fourth install on three different motherboard (required a new key by calling MS each time) now wants YET ANOTHER new key and this time no hardware changed – I’m just trying to reinstall it to a SATA 2 drive instead of the old IDE drive it have been installed on.

And my XBOX 360 Live account is still locked out.

And every one of these things, including the fact that my development environment might go “poof” next week, every one of these “problems” are injected BY MS into my life through one type of DRM or another.  Locking down your software pisses of your user.  Why is that so hard to understand?

And yes – Debian 4.x (new as of Friday) and Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.20) all give me nothing but a Grub error -17 after install and they show me no love.

I think I should still run DesqviewX on DR DOS.  That was my last really good O/S experience.  (And yes, I’ve used OS/X).

We recently discovered that the VPCs we distributed as part of the VS2008 Beta2 release will expire on Thursday, November 1, 2007, much earlier than we had originally expected.  Since the timeout is at the OS level, we cannot automatically extend the timeout period.  As such we are currently in the process of reissuing the VPCs and expect to make them available early next week.

In the meantime, for anyone that has stored information in TFS that they need to access moving forward, we recommend that you immediately backup the TFS databases in preparation to move them to the updated VPCs.  For information to complete these steps, please refer to the documentation on Moving Team Foundation Server. | VS2008 Beta2 VPCs expiring prematurely


  1. Af for your Grub error 17, can you provide some info?
    What kind of disk(s) do you have in that machine (#, ata, sata, scsi). Is it a dual boot system? Can you get me the Bios information on the disks (all settings and names).

    (and btw, Feisty Fawn is Ubuntu 7.04. There is no 7.20)

  2. Hope that my VS2008 b2 doesn’t expire (though it’s not on a VPC). But if it does, I’ll do what I did with VS 2005: Just set the time back baby! It’ll get you a good number of annoying warnings when you use any site with HTTPS, but that’s a small price to pay….

  3. Oh – I almost forgot – my Windows Home Server Beta expired, which is fine. I knew it was a beta. But I can’t find a way to BUY the damned license!