BlackBerry service out in N. America (I wish!)

If BlackBerry just didn’t work it wouldn’t bother me much – I haven’t used a BlackBerry in a few years.

I still get email from people with BlackBerry’s though.

But RIM isn’t just broken – it is spitting out multiple copies of every message I received this afternoon from a BlackBerry user.  As many as six copies of every message (so far).  I would rather they just went offline for a while.

It’s just not my week for email!

NEW YORK – BlackBerry smart phones have lost service across the United States, wireless carriers said Monday. In a statement, AT&T spokesman Fletcher Cook said the disruption is affecting all wireless carriers. Cook said the company first learned about the problem from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion about 3:30 p.m. EST. There was no word on the cause or how widespread the outage was.

BlackBerry service out in N. America – Wireless-


  1. Has anyone found a way to edit their Drupal sites from their Blackberry?

    I have a BB Pearl 8130 and would love to be able to make tweaks, and even better to post multimedia, from my BB.

    BTW: I agree that BB’s infrastructure is far too fragile – they need more redundancy and they need to divide it into smaller segments so that the entirely of North America cannot be shut down.

    OTOH: These failures are good for competition – no doubt that many corporations and individuals are looking to either “ghost” their communications to a competing vendor or to switch entirely.