Privacy Policy


Not a review (yet) but I just took a quick look and this popped out at me:

REQUIRED BY NEW YORK LAW: This videotape service provider from time to time provides to marketers of goods and services, the names and addresses of customers and a description or subject matter of materials rented by video customers. You have the right to elect not to have your name, address or the description or subject matter of any material rented included in such lists. This election may be changed by you, in writing, at any time.

So if I were opening a account I would immediately send them a letter, in writing demanding that information NOT be shared – before I ever rented/bought a single video!

Nobody needs to know how often I watch Driving Miss Daisy



  1. I’ll remember this next time I go to rent a video from Blockbuster.

    A related note, CafePress just emailed me telling me they’ve changed their terms of service.  I’ve actually never had a site email me to tell me that before… quite a coincidence that it happened today!   (don’t review them… just sayin!)

  2. Yes – I agree.  I hate it when they make it "oh-so-easy" to sign up online, but for some reason you have to write a damn snail-mail letter to get them to NOT do something.

    They have the power, as long as we are Lemmings.


  3. That was the thing that got me about the application as I was filling it out yesterday here at home. They make it not too easy to opt out of their third party marketing of their database. I found myself actually wondering if I want to do this…