Blog Action Day



If you “did something” for blog action day today, and you didn’t do anything yesterday, and you don’t have any plans to do anything tomorrow then you’ve done nothing.

(And no, I don’t like “Earth Day” either – or Valentine’s Day either for that matter). 

I just think that if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing more than once a year (on a day someone else entices you to do it in order to join a blog-chain of traffic that will suddenly turn your blog into Engadget).   Guess what?  It won’t. 

Go plant a tree and stop spamming me with a bunch of hollow “feel the love” crap and just go do something about the environmentOr the hungry kid down the street.  Or the kid in your child’s class that can’t afford to go on the class trip but you will drop your kid off at school in a Hummer. 

Buy the first kid a meal (or buy him meals until the SECOND ANNUAL BLOG ACTION DAY).  Trade the Hummer in for something that has at least decent gas mileage and use the difference in vehicle/fuel/insurance costs to teach your child a lesson that they will never forget – have your child take enough money for his trip and the “poor kid’s trip.  Have him/her tell the teacher it’s a secret and that he doesn’t want anyone to know.  Talk to your child about giving without expecting. Teach your child to be better at giving and doing for others than you are.

Then look at them in a few days when they “get it”.  That one look from your child – that moment when they realize that you are not just a great dad, but a good human being – that look that tells you you now have more than your child’s love – you have their respect, admiration and attention.  And when you have their attention, you are teaching them something important – and they know it.

And for those of you who did blog about this and truly are doing wonderful things every day – thank you.  You’ll probably understand why I rant.

On October 15th – Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind. In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment.

Blog Action Day