Blog change

In an effort to speed up page loading (and admittedly to get more pageviews) I have reduced the number of posts on the front page to two.

I know this can be a PITA if you want to see what I’ve written over the last day, for example.  But you can click on the day on the calendar in the right Sidebar and get that days worth of posting.  Seems like this is a win-win.  But let me know if you hate it.


  1. OK, comment editing looks to be fixed – I hope!


  2. OK, I’m playing around with some code now. Hopefully I don’t blow the whole comment section up!

  3. OK, I’m going to leave things alone for a couple days. While I try to make some $. I’ll look at everything again on FRI – when I planned on making othern changes to the site.

    And Paul – you DID upgrade your WordPress to 2.1.2, didn’t you?

    And Deannie – thanks for thinking the same way I do about abbreviated posts. To me they are just like condensed RSS feeds. Worthless – because I do not click through.

  4. ugh, don’t abbreviate the posts. I hate that too. I just don’t anymore. Shoot, if you keep getting Scobleized, you need to just move to a speedier platform potentially, where there are fatter pipes.

  5. You would prefer that? I hate that myself – unless of course there was some AJAXian magic that just opened th rest of the post without a page refresh – certainly their has to be a plugin for that? It would be useful, if their isn’t. I’ll look.

  6. Or abbreviate the longer posts (as many people do) with a ‘Read more here …’ link after a preset number of lines.

  7. Paul – it’s mostly driven by page load times. I was Scobleized earlier this week when I posted about Robert’s blog reading skills, and it’s killing me still on load time.

    Yeah, I also thought more pageviews would help – blame Google – they suggested it.

    But what would be REALLY nice is if WordPress let me set something like: “Show all of today’s posts on the front page, unless there are more than X”. That’s the option I *really* want.

  8. Considering your average daily output, two posts is way too few.
    This is NOT user (‘client’ as you like to call us) friendly.
    Trying to get more page views (why?) at the expense of user friendliness is SOOO not you!