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 I know Mark Cuban isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But I like him.  He made his money in Internet startups, and I love Internet startups.  He is a sports nut, and so am I.  But if anyone wonders if he is good for pro sports or not – if he is deserving enough to own the Chicago Cubs, even – then read this post.  Mark talks simply about making things better – about taking a pile of NBA shit and turning it into something good – taking a setback and using it to improve the game – the product.

Personally I would love to see Mark Cuban buy the Cubs.  I grew up watching the Cubs, but haven’t watched a single game since the baseball strike – Mark Cuban would get me to watch the Cubs again.  And that is good for baseball.

Keep at them Mark.  You have proven that you are more often right then wrong.  The Mavericks.  HDNET.

Don’t ever let them beat you down.

Shit happens. Bad Shit happens. When it does, there are two options. Cry over it and do nothing or recognize the problem and do the best you possibly can to not only fix it, but make the entire organization stronger.

As bad as the allegations facing the NBA today are, its also an opportunity to face every allegation that has ever been directed towards the NBA and its officials and pre empt them from ever occurring in the future.

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