Blog Pruning 101

I am trimming my blogs again. So many of them offer so little and take up so much time. I go through this every few months, so I’ve learned some rules that may be useful:

  1. Create folders. Organize. Create a folder called New and one called Maybe. Always put new blogs in new. Always move blogs you are not really sure you are interested in keeping (be they a new blog, or one you’ve been reading a while and not getting much out of) to the Maybe folder.
  2. Read the new and maybe folders first – before you hit friends or family, or tech, whatever. Are they still interesting? If they are the first things you read, and they aren’t interesting, delete them! Every now and them switch and read them last. Not interesting? Delete them!
  3. Don’t settle for partial posts. Ever. Delete them.
  4. I have read the Joel on Software blog for years. Not any more. Why? Because he doesn’t have comments threaded to his blog. He must not want the conversation. Delete it!
  5. Reading a blog that doesn’t allow comments, or makes it too freaking hard to comment? This isn’t a blog – it’s a lazy Web 1.x Web site owner that is too lazy to actually write HTML. They want to tell you all about them, but they don’t really give a crap about you. Delete them!
  6. Reading blogs that interest you, allow comments, yet the author NEVER seems to respond to anyone in the comments? Delete them! They aren’t interesting to you unless they are interested IN you. And I don’t mean you personally – but at least you as a person – as a reader, and as someone that takes the time to comment on what they have written.
  7. Blogs that only post once in a blue moon? Unless it’s Ray Ozzie, or someone similar, Delete them! It’s a waste of time waiting for pearls of wisdom unless you really, really respect the source (besides, all them packets going out to look for new material takes up bandwidth and really slows my ability to get my InBox filled with Porn Spam).
  8. I accidentally deleted #8.  instead of remembering it, I decide to let wou come up with another one.  See the comments.

That’s eight. I planned on ten. But after going back through my own feeds and applying the previous 8 to my own feedlist, I had deleted 26 blogs, and moved 11 to Maybe. And I realized I was out of rules for the rest. How about you – can you add two more rules?

(Oh – and I almost included rules for feeds you should NOT delete, and rule #1 was “Do not delete anyone you violently disagree with – you have a better chance of learning from them than from anyone.” But I decided that might be a whole different post)



  1. Brian – thanks for the comments. Yes, spam is a pain, but between Bad Behavior, Akismet and TrackBack Validator I cut nearly 100% of spam out of my blog. Basically the only thing that gets through is a manually entered comment. When I find those, I delete them and add the IP Address to my “blocked” list in WordPress.

    Of course every blog writer and reader is different, and I have many “friends and family” blogs in my list that I wouldn’t delete based on any of my suggestions above.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Found your posting through Scoble (like a lot of people, I imagine). I like several of your suggestions, but also disagree with several. I think that you have to know your audience when it comes to blog comments. For instance, I have several hundred people that read my blogs that, for one reason or another, just simply don’t leave comments. For many, they aren’t a part of blogosphere culture and don’t realize the kind of dialog that goes on here. For a majority of my readers, my blog is one of only 2, maybe 3, that they read. (Most of my family only know of my blog. They don’t even realize that’s what that thing is called.) So, the statement of ‘deleting blogs with no comments’ sorta doesn’t make sense considering how my audience responds to my posts.

    Most of my readers actually know me and see me at any given point in a week, so they just have their dialog face to face on things I write about. Others will email because that’s what they’re used to. Either way, it creates dialog within my world (the whole purpose for my blog in the first place).

    I will say I have, from time to time, turned off my comments section due to spam. But, will try Bad Behavior courtesy of your link at the bottom of the page. Maybe I can now leave comments turned on all the time.

  3. There really were eight – I accidently hit backspace and killed one though. Instead of me trying to remember what it was, you now have you have to come with the new ideas!