Blog response/availability

I’m working on extending a WordPress plug-in.  I’m not a PHP expert (anymore), so I am running into some occasional issues with my PHP code crashing Apache.

I have no clue why – I’m not touching Apache – not even reading a log.  But there is no doubt my code is causing it.  I apologize if you have problems connecting. 

And yes, I know I should have a development server, but I just physically don’t have room for another box in my office!

Hopefully I’ll get this figured out in the next hour or two.  *sigh*



  1. The diet .. AND that GIANT shoehorn just outside his office exlain how he gets in there…

  2. Deannie – you know how — it’s my “beer and V8” diet. I don’t take much space 🙂

  3. I’ve seen your office…how do YOU fit in there now?!? 😉

  4. Yes – it’s weird. All I am doing is looking up the DNS info for peolple that hit my blog, based on their IP address. When I run a function I wrote (apparently poorly) to log the data, Apache just dies. If I run the exact same code inline (not as a function) Apache is happy.

    This is a PITA because I need to use this code in 8 different places in my script – so for now that’s what I did – copied the 10-12 lines into each segment of code I need them.

    And no – I don’t have 312 servers! Only a few nowdays… it’s been too hot of a summer, and the A/C demands were putting enough pressure on my electric bill! (Plus, I am too lazy to recreate my environment on a test server – I mean, it’s not like I am getting PAID to do this!)

  5. Paul Claessen says:

    That’s interesting!
    If you can duplicate this, with a certain php script, then you should submit that as a (well documented) bug to apache, since NO script should EVER be able to cause apache to crash. (It shouldn’t even crash the php interpreter, but even THAT shouldn’t bother apache!): I mean, you’re using your own server, but can you imagine the nightmare for hosting services, if one badly written php script would cause apache to die??

    As for no room for in your office: don’t you already HAVE 312 servers in there? 😉