Blog Themes are like High School Crushes

You passionatly love them or then hate them.

They change often.

But I like this new theme.  I looks great on a cell phone, it’s not too complex, or too simple.

I like the muted colors.

I like that the sidebars just work.  Even with the changes WordPress 2.2 added.

So I’m glad WP broke my last theme – I like this one much more!


  1. Chris – I understand completely – my biggest complaint about StumbleUpon is that more often than not I get some video or music site that starts making noise at me. Immediate thumbs down from me.

    I don’t like sites that initiate audio or video content for me – I am quite capable of pushing “play”!

  2. Often times though, the internet form of a high school crush is a badly designed MySpace page with auto-playing music by an emo band you have never heard of. You aren’t giving your theme enough credit!

    This is much nicer. Great choice!