Blog trimming – How to gain back an hour a day without missing ANYTHING really important.

CrunchGear – Unsubscribe. Savings?  About 35 posts a day of stuff you probably aren’t going to buy today or tomorrow anyway.

Engadget – Unsubscribe.  Savings?  About the same as above, give or take a dozen posts.  Still stuff you probably don’t need tomorrow.

Gizmodo – Unsubscribe.  Savings? About 45-50 posts a day – STILL crap you won’t be buying tomorrow.

And the best news of all?  When you ARE ready to buy that enGadget, GIZMOdo, or CrunchGEAR all of those posts that are important to your buying decision will still be there – via Google. 

So save yourself an hour a day and unsubscribe from these three feeds.  Then look at your OPML and see how many other feeds of “information I know I don’t need today” you are getting – and kill them as well!

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  1. Chris – another good point. I subscribe to those three as well. Mashable I think I keep – I like the mix of short and to the point and long and in-depth posts. So assume I kill one of the three – that puts RWW or TechCrunch on the cuting block… I’ll think about that one for a few days as I watch/compare those feeds more closely.



  2. Agreed. I’ve chopped down to 35 subscriptions, and I’m debating about removing one of the TechCrunch/Mashable/ReadWriteWeb trio. There is just too much duplication… tough to stay on top of it all!

  3. And yes, I did kill all three of these feeds today.

    Why? They accounted for about 20% of all the RSS posts I read a day. They gave me very little value for the time I invested. Even if it was something I was in the market for, they don’t actually review products – they just compete to MENTION products first. That’s not very helpful to me.

    And I don’t care that 65 new cell phones were announced this week that aren’t available in the US today (and probably never will be).

    No value there. I just wasn’t getting a woody looking at a bunch of pictures of tech toys that have little or no immediate use to me.