Blogging thoughts

The first year or two I had this blog I found I checked my “stats” often. Technorati, Google Analytics, FeedBurner, etc.

Now, I rarely check my stats. I have the little FeedBurner widget on my blog that tells me how many people subscribe via that service. But it doesn’t tell me how many people actually read my blog. Which is fine, now. Because now I don’t care.

Now I write about whatever the heck I feel like. Or I don’t write.

And that is exactly why, I think, I have more people reading now than ever. About 10,000 page views a month for a blog about nothing isn’t bad.

I’ve also found that it doesn’t hurt to share a stupid video I enjoyed – people get to know me better based on what I find interesting, I imagine.

Another thing – adding crap on your blog, like my “ask me a question” box over on the right, or any of the other 30 things I have tried, just don’t add value. My readers don’t use them – because few of my readers actually visit my blog. Most read in Google Reader, or some other RSS aggregator.

Besides – readers that want to talk to me actually tend to pick up the phone and call me – or hit me up on IM. Just tonight a reader called from Michigan to ask questions about Vista and dual monitors. I talked to him for 15 minutes and told him what he needed (a secondary video card that has Vista, not XP drivers). He had never commented, and I had never heard of him. But I had some time – so I shared it with him. He had been reading for 9 months!

DSC00232 Photos are something that people love. Especially ones that give them a sense of who I am – like pictures of my dog.

Here is my poor Yoshi with “Fairy Wings” my daughter put on him. He didn’t care – he was playing in the front hard – his second favorite thing to do (his favorite is any ride in any care\, for any reason).

The cars driving by and honking and the people pointing and laughing didn’t even phase him. He was getting loving!

Finally, the more I f*ck with my blog, adding all that extra crap nobody sees anyway, the less stable my blog becomes. I would like to see every WordPress Widget warn me up front if it is going to a) modify my theme, or b) touch my database. It’s important.


  1. @OK – I *do* care. I’m just no longer obsessive about it. 🙂

  2. deannie says:

    You care very much about your ‘blog about nothing’ stats! It is your littlest child and growing it has been about as pleasurable a hobby as they come. Stats, like pen marks on the wall, mark the growth of your baby.